Break From Packing

If you missed it - we are moving to Poland. This week the boy went on a spring break with grandparents so we decided to power pack while he's gone. Not that we want to surprise him with hiding half of his toys in boxes but because packing is much more efficient without him. If you have curious, energetic toddlers you know what I'm talking about. After three days of working for eight hours and then coming home just to pack for another six I am a little worn out. Thankfully we had a nice break today over pizza and beers due to our friend's birthday celebration (thanks Michelle and Happy B-day!). Anyhow, I don't know how about you but I need a visual break from totally disintegrated house. How about an eye candy for Friday?
This is one of my latest discoveries - 47 Park Avenue blog . It's probably one of the best house transformations I have seen yet. It just makes me want to paint everything black. Maybe next house? What do you guys think? Is black the new black?

The whole process is thoroughly preserved in pictures here along with some before shots for a jaw dropping comparison. 

I feel much better now. Have a great weekend!

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